which dress shall I pick for graduation?


Carl Barat photoshoot for Hunger Tv (http://www.hungertv.com)


Papercraft, Maud Vantours

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I should have taken more of a break. I’ve lost motivation for revision already, 3 weeks before exams. Or maybe I’m not working hard enough. I’ve done all my notes. All my reading. I’ve started planning exam answers. I’m okay with philosophy but my history exams…what if I fail? What if I have come this far and I fuck up and don’t graduate? I don’t know what to do.

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Giant Panda Eating Bamboo - by: Gerry Ellis

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I will sell an organ to afford tickets for The Libertines if I have to. They were my entire life, they changed my life, I have to go. 

7 months of hard work and it’s finally done, my dissertation is all ready to be handed in!

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